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5 Reasons Why Hostel Travel is the Way to Go:

I can’t say that I did a lot of traveling as a younger adult, but it wasn’t for lack of wanting. I remember daydreaming up big plans to travel several time zones over, and then realizing that I would have to work a solid year to make it a reality. For me, accommodations while traveling were always the Achilles heel in my game plan, and I’ll admit, that even as a fairly young adult(ish) with three children of my own, I’m still forever searching for the most bang for my buck.

Enter: Boutique Hostels. Let’s talk about why hostels – and even better, boutique hostels like Scenic City Hostel -- should be your ace in the hole when you’re looking for a place to rest your head.

1. Breezy Check-In - If you’ve ever traveled in the wee hours of the night to walk into a stuffy hotel lobby, been greeted by a staffer who’s desperately trying to stay awake until morning, and then stood there awkwardly while they tapped around the keys on their computer, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. When you get to your location, you want to GET THERE. For many boutique hostels, the check-in experience is a breeze. Since the transactions are made online, you simply show up, park, and proceed directly to your room. Use your electronic key pad, slip into your room, and you’ll be snoozing before you know it.

2. Camaraderie - There’s quite possibly no better way to get to know a city than to seek out the neighbors. In fact, we did a blog post about why stopping by the local pub is the gateway to the local hot spots. Beyond that, hostels offer a unique environment in which social interaction is almost mandatory. Whether you’re sharing a bunk room, or utilizing the fully equipped kitchens, you’re bound to run into another traveler who’s eager and waiting to socialize. So why not leave with a few new friends?

3. No extra fluff - Not everyone’s keen on $4 water bottles, drab monochromatic carpets and $20 valet parking. Hostels are the perfect balance of affordability and functionality. Sometimes we just want to keep it simple. Clean, comfortable beds. Hot showers. Stylish, simple and minimalistic furnishings: what more could you need?

4. Central Locations - As if there actually needed to be another perk, hostels are usually uniquely located to offer the absolute best of the city’s attractions. Typically, local eateries, bars, museums, and infamous city attractions are a stone’s throw away. Check out the distance from public transportation, or nearby airports, and you’ll likely be surprised to see that the commute is a matter of minutes.

5. Budget Friendly - This is probably the biggest perk of boutique hostel traveling, and largely the appeal for most guests. Gone are the days that hostels were considered the bottom of the barrel, haunted houses from the movies. Boutique hostels are unparalleled in providing affordable and comfortable accommodations. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort or cleanliness for a lower price point. In fact, you may find that with your extra savings, you’re able to experience more that a local city has to offer.

If bills and holidays have you strapped for cash but wishing you could travel, take a look at the city’s hostel accommodations. You’ll be surprised to find that you’ve likely overlooked a hidden gem that gives way to tremendous travel opportunity, while still keeping your wallet padded.

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