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Cool couples choose hostels.

If I could go back in time, I’d tell my younger, newlywed self and husband to make some different choices. I’d tell them to eat out less, skip the beer pong night at the local pub, and, most importantly, TRAVEL!!

Exploring different cultures, making memories, and navigating new cities is quite possibly the most rewarding, immersive experience a couple can go through. Any seasoned traveler will tell you, however, that the travel experience relies just as much on the people you meet and the opportunities you invest in, as does the actual location. That’s why cool couples choose hostels. Why? Hostels are comfortable and help conserve cash for experiences.

What about sharing a room with someone else?

Ok, ok. I get it. Maybe the thought of sharing a room with someone else, especially with your partner, gives you pause. But let’s break it down. You’re going to hit the town for the better part of the day, right? You may sleep for 7-8 hours, on a good night. Do you really want to blow your budget for just 7-8 hours of your day, spent sleeping?

Boutique hostels offer bunk beds, so the room is often shared by other travelers. It’s possible you could get lucky and score a room without a fellow traveler. If not, it won’t be as awkward of an experience as you’d imagine. Most other hostel travelers are acquainted with the housing situation, and for that reason, come with a set of “learned etiquette” that’s conducive to sharing sleeping arrangements with others.

Moreover, if you share your space with someone else, briefly, you’ll likely get access to a fellow traveler with tips about awesome activities, “Must do’s” in the city, or the best place to grab a drink. Remember, the people you meet can sometimes be just as integral part of your trip as any other element. We’re personally lifelong friends with an amazing family of 7 we met while RV traveling, and now This awesome family inspires others with their world travels.

Aren’t hostels just for youth?

If you ask your mom or dad what they think about hostels, they may raise an eyebrow and tell you about sheet sacks and bring-your-own toilet paper. Good news: boutique hostels have transformed the “youth only” reputation, and welcome couples, competition athletes, corporate travelers, and more. Modern, boutique hostels are fresh, comfortable and social. Check out our blog on why hostels are an excellent alternative .

In general, each hostel has a different vibe, a different ambience, and a different social crowd. Sure, you’ll probably hear about “party hostels” or those that need a bit of work, but it’s not difficult to find a great, neighborhood hostel, like The Scenic City Hostel, that’s chock full of personality and amenities. You’ll certainly get the added benefit of one of the most important features of a hostel: the social atmosphere.

If you must, there are private rooms available.

So I couldn’t wrap this up without letting you know: there ARE private rooms available in most hostels. You’ll still end up with a room less expensive than a hotel, and you’ll get the extra privacy, if that is what you desire. (If you’re on the fence about trying a hostel, a private room can be the perfect trial.) . Traveling as a couple doesn’t mean you’re resigned to staying in stuffy hotels or weird airbnb basements. You can still be a spontaneous, adventure seeking duo, and feel comfortable at the same time. So, splurge on a private hostel room, if you must. It will still be cheaper than your name brand hotel chain, and you won’t lose out on the charm that a local establishment has to offer.

Be Cool. Spend Wisely.

If you’re willing to loosen the reigns on the typical travel routines, step outside your comfort zone, and try something new, boutique hostel traveling, as a couple, could be your ticket to a whole new world of travel. Stretch your dollar by spending it on things that really matter: culturally immersive opportunities, local cuisine, and making memories. You won’t be sad that your room didn’t have a robe, room service, or free tiny soap.

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